Collect, Create & Integrate Track Kits!

Signals & Sorcery is a sample/loop/midi marketplace and production pipeline. Check out this walk-through:

What are Track Kits?

  • Track Kits are audio and midi sample libraries strictly organized by bmp, style and chord progressions
  • Track Kits are Royalty Free!

How do I use a Track Kit?

First, go to the marketplace. In the marketplace you will see collections represented by cards. Clicking a card will load it in the player and allow you to preview the collection. If you want to download the audio and midi files to use in your project click the 'buy' button on the card. This will add it to your collections. From there you will see a download icon in the collect details view.

How do I create my own Track Kit?

  1. First, create an account: Signin or Signup.

  2. Generate and download a template here.

  3. Setup your local music environment:

    1. Install REAPER DAW

    2. Configure Reaper Actions and SWS tools following these instructions

    3. Download and Install the Signals & Sorcery Import and Export reaper actions found here: import and export

  4. To 'import' your downloaded template:

    1. Unzip the compressed template

    2. Run the SignalsAndSorcery Reaper import Action and select the mrtap-source.csv found in your unzipped template.

  5. To 'export' finished sample library run the SignalsAndSorcery Reaper export Action

Feedback, Bugs & Feature Requests

Please vist the Discord change to report & discuss: feedback, bugs, feature requests, road map and general discussion. DISCORD CHANNEL